Flexishield project photos

Project photos


Projects & Users

During the past seven years Flexishield cables have been specified and installed on many building projects ranging from the small, Domestic housing, to the large, a Procure 21 Hospital and many project types in between, some notable ones:

Waitrose Stores
T. Clarke
Matthew Boulton College
Interserve/ Flex Connectors
EME Electrical
Tilbury Docks
Sinclair Scott
University of Central England
Rosser & Russel
Fife Hospital
Balfour Beatty Engineeering Services
Sunderland Hospital
A V Hill Bioscience Building
University of Manchester - EMCOR
Greenolysis Bio-Diesel Plant
Islington Arts & Media Centre
Balfour Beatty Engineering Services
NCP • Car Park
Lorne Stewart
Enniskillen Hospital
Mercury Engineering
Royal Chelsea Hospital
Barlinne Prison
Crown House 
Refurbished Council Homes
Wakefield Council
M&S Simple Foods
M&W (Woolston) Electrics
Seven Oaks School
T.J. Lowe
Stockland Green Tech College
Ashburton Court
Hampshire CC HQ
Building Technology Systems
ASDA Store
City Projects
Broadgreen Hospital

*case study available for download.