Installation Guidance

Installation Guidance
How to terminate and gland Flexishield
BS 7671:2008 Amendment 3:2015 Wiring regulations should be followed in all instances and in particular clauses 522.6.201 to 522.6.204 for walls and partition applications. It is recommended that standard low smoke halogen free or brass stuffing glands and clips be used and sized against relevant cable nominal ODs. Termination of Flexishield could not be easier, two simple steps are required:
Flexishield Cables
  • 1. Make a circumferential nick around the sheath, using a simple ringing tool.
  • 2. Bend back and forth at the point of the nick, then with a twisting motion the sheath and aluminium slug will pull way exposing the cores. It is suggested for ease of a long slug removal, eg for the termination at a Distribution board, that several 100mm length slugs are removed at a time.
  • 3. Standard stuffing glands can be used in most applications. If the application is with in a dust and moisture free environment, then grommets could be used for cable going into back boxes.